What Is “The Serpent Seed”?

John Ch.8 is often used as the foundation for the teaching that says Cain was the “biological” (literal seed of the Serpent) rather than the spiritual son of Satan. Ironically this is the chapter, when read in context, that actually proves the opposite. I don’t know how I missed this for 20 years, but by the grace of God I can now finally see it. I pray you will as well.

The Parable of The Tares in Matthew 13 is the #1 go to place in the Bible for those attempting to prove that Cain was the literal offspring of the Devil and Eve and that his descendants inhabit this earth still today. I know, I used this parable for over 20 years to do just that. However, when read in context, within the parable itself and with the rest of scripture, the parable does just the opposite.

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